Installation Of New Equipment

Global Switchgear can specify, procure and install new high voltage switchgear up to 33kV. Our engineers have a lot of experience using vacuum or SF6 interrupters, fixed pattern or withdrawable, air-insulated or gas-insulated switchgear. Our very experienced engineers are familiar with older technologies and are able to replace obsolete switchgears with the latest products from the leading switchgear manufacturers.

Global Switchgear use only the finest quality equipment available as this gives the customer the longest component life and the highest reliability. We are proud that our installations meet and in many cases exceed industry standards.

Our vast experience in the Marine and Industrial sectors means that we are considered by many companies to be their first choice suppliers of switchgear services.

As well as our established market sectors, we are seeing exciting growth in the renewable energy sector. We have recently installed new switchgear on a number of wind farms and biomass sites.