As the company name suggests, our skilled engineers work globally. They are called out to countries as far afield as Australia, The Bahamas, Thailand plus many others.

Global Switchgear engineers work anywhere and at any time.

Electricity Generation

There are ten nuclear power stations in the UK and British Energy (part of EDF) own and operate eight of them with a combined capacity of almost 9,000 megawatts. Global Switchgear Services has worked for EDF on a number of power generation projects in the UK.

View a new 1,300 MW CCGT Power Station at West Burton

Electricity Distribution

There are 14 licensed distribution network operators (DNOs) each responsible for a distribution services area. The 14 DNOs are owned by seven different groups. Global Switchgear Services has worked with all the DNO’s at various times.

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Global Switchgear engineers are adept at connecting up the AC and DC power systems which are used in the petrochemical industry as well as the switchgear that controls the safety systems on North Sea oil and gas platforms.


Our engineers work with switchgear voltages from 400 V to 33kV covering air break, vacuum and SF6 types of switchgear used for industrial applications.


Global Switchgear engineers are employed by property management companies to maintain power supplies to their offices ensuring that power is delivered to each building 365 days a year.


Global Switchgear offer comprehensive solutions to all of your marine switchgear needs including installation, testing, commissioning, modification and fault finding. Our test and commissioning engineers carry out on site tests to the satisfaction of surveying bodies such as Lloyds and MCA.


Blackpool Tram System is undergoing an upgrade and our engineers have worked on the tram network switchgear.
View more details about the Blackpool Tram System work.


As at 8 February 2011 there are 283 UK grid-connected wind farms containing 3,153 wind turbines with the capacity to generate 5204 MW. Global Switchgear has worked on a number of wind farm projects.View a new wind farm at Haswell Moor.Biomass refers to organic matter such as timber and crops grown specifically to be burnt to generate heat and power. Our engineers have worked on a number of biomass projects.View a new Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant at Carr Farm.


Global Switchgear have installed the switchgear that controls the power infrastructure with diesel standby genereators and UPS systems to meet the reliability criteria that today’s modern communications systems demand.

Primary Care Trusts

Our engineers are experienced in maintaining and repairing switchgear connected to the critical power supplies of hospitals around the UK.

Ministry of Defence

Global Switchgear services have been involved in Ministry Of Defence (MOD) contracts for many years. Our engineers have travelled the world to carry out scheduled maintenance programs and emergency breakdown cover to the satisfaction of MOD and Lloyds certifying body.